Two New Releases Today

Happy Publication Day to Marcus Brown and Zane Michaelson.

Lara by Marcus Brown


Part 4 – The Nightwalker Mysteries.

Coming to terms with the death of their father, both Chloe and Kyle have to deal with their Mom’s transformation into a daywalker.

What will it mean for the Beck family? And will things ever be the same again? Meanwhile, Empusa, convinced Kane is lying to her, embarks on a secret mission to discover the truth?

Tracking down the Beck family, she promises to help them, but can they trust her? Or is there another reason for her untimely visit?


And, for the more open minded reader…

She Loves to Watch me Play by Zane Michaelson –

Please Note: Extremely explicit – strictly 18+


NOTE – This is a short story, and not a standard sized novel.

This book is based on real-life events.

After being married for eight years, I knew there was something missing in my life and embarked upon a dangerous affair that could have cracked my marriage wide open.

Little did I know, but my amazing & beautiful Wife was feeling the same way.

She found out about my affair, but I had no idea she loves to watch me play.

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