Newsletter by Meg Buchanan

From Meg Buchanan:

Hi, I’m Meg and this week marks the release of I Thought I Knew You, my sixth book published by Junction Publishing. It’s exciting. This is the fourth book in the Prelude Series, so I have almost reached the halfway point.

The Prelude Series has been my baby for the last year. It started small, as a short story about Isaac who dreams of becoming a rock star. He’s part of the band Stadium. Stadium has five members, all mates and all serious musicians.

Then I realised the other members of Stadium were interesting too and that the friendship between the boys, their relationship with each other and the females in their lives had a great dynamic. And Prelude was born.

The series is made up of ten books and each book focusses on one member of Stadium as they start to take their music, their careers and the success of Stadium more and more seriously. They fight, argue and piss each other off, but they get over it. Loyalty and friendship hold them together, whatever happens. Each of them knows he can rely on the others, no matter what.

It is so much fun to write.

And the last few weeks have been exciting for other reasons too. Last month my husband and I went to Townsville. Our son lives there, and our grandson was turning one. We went to help celebrate the lovely Oliver’s first birthday.

I think going to Queensland in July will become a regular part of my life. The weather is amazing. We left freezing cold and storms and arrived in a tropical paradise. I think I feel another series coming on. Two families who live somewhere near Mission Beach and work in the sugar industry. I will need to go there each year for research.

Now we are back in New Zealand and the cold and the wet. We’re living in our daughter’s house, and are here to renovate her kitchen. Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous.


This is the kitchen at the moment.

This is the family room, with the flatpack kitchen waiting to be assembled.
In six weeks this building site will look like a house again.

Think of us camping like this in the middle of winter.



Luke Reilly’s whole life is mapped out.
His father wants him to work in the family business.
Tessa wants him to marry her.

But he has already broken out of the straight jacket they’ve put him in.
And he’s about to get found out.

Can he mend what he’s broken?
Does he want to?

Will he leave and chase the dream.
Or will he do what everyone expects?

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