Newsletter from Meg Buchanan

Hi, I’m Meg. October is always an exciting month for me. It’s my birthday month, and my daughter’s and granddaughter’s. But this October is even more exciting. I have two books being released by Junction Publishing.


The first is ‘Love Me Goodbye’, the fifth book in the Prelude Series. This is Adam’s story. Stadium, the band is four days away from leaving for Australia. This is their big break. And Adam meets Geneviève, the girl of his dreams.


Adam has always been the quiet one in Stadium and overshadowed by the others, but it turns out when he falls in love it’s in a big way. It was fun writing his and Geneviève’s story.


The second book is ‘Angelfire’. I wrote it with Deryn Pittar, another Junction author. It’s crazy. When do you get to write about angel’s soldiers, an antique fire engine and water pistols?

I hope you enjoy it as much as Deryn and I enjoyed writing it.


For the last week I’ve been in Whitianga. I love it. The beaches, the shopping. This seaside town is a really beautiful place. It features in some of the Prelude books. In ‘Song for Jess’, Isaac and Jess take the ferry into Whitianga from Cooks Beach to buy the groceries. Here are photos of the beach, the ferry and the marina.

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