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Hi, or Hey Y’all, as we say in the South.

I write as K. D. Bloodworth, but I have been called by my middle name all my life, Dawn. I was born and raised mostly in Michigan by Southern-born parents. I have now lived in the South longer than I have in the Northern States. Mind you, I have lived in nine different States. By far, here in the North Georgia mountains where we have retired is my favorite. Mornings like these are not uncommon here in the Great Smokey Mountains.

A product of the Sixties, survived the Seventies, and now trying to survive retirement, I fill my days with fun things, photography, writing, playing with my dogs, watching birds, and spending time with my husband. Live is grand!

After years of prodding, I took my deceased mother’s advice and started writing after I turned fifty-something. I enjoy taking bits of accurate stories or experiences and weaving a story around them. Readers that know this are always asking if this or that happened to me, to which I never give an absolute answer. Only my very best friends know for sure, and I plan on keeping it that way. came to me when I started thinking about what could happen if a hook-up through an online dating sight went terribly wrong. It does happen! What if it happened in the wilds of Montana? Living in Montana at the time I had plenty of places to set the story.

Fans, readers, and friends kept asking me to write more about Dawn, the character not me. In the pre-dawn hours of half awake and half asleep (when most of my creative ideas come to me), the concept of Deadly Friend came to me. 

After writing Deadly Friend, I took time off from writing. I just wasn’t feeling it. It seemed everything I started writing was junk. Couldn’t get my brain kicked into gear. I took the advice of another author to write five hundred words a day. Didn’t matter on what, just write. Soon I was writing again. When the vision of the story I’m now working on came to me, five hundred words turned into several thousand words quickly. If only journal writing (which is also new to me) I try not to miss a day of putting words to paper or to the computer screen.

I’m excited that is out there and grabbing new readers every day and the sequel Deadly Friend released on September 10, 2018. More suspense for those thrill-seeking readers.

There are many ways people can keep up with me. I would enjoy hearing from you. Stop by and say Hey.

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