Jay Shaw Newsletter

From Jay Shaw:

Hi everyone, I’m Jay Shaw, and like most authors I know, I’d rather talk about my characters’ lives than my own.

I’m a six foot, once-natural redhead, and mother of two teens. The eldest of whom left home eight months ago at the ripe old age of seventeen to study tourism. I suppose I’m still getting used to the idea of having extra space and a little more stretch in the weekly shopping budget. It seems I’m also making plans for this next phase of my life by eyeing the spare room as a potential office and imagining freshly-painted walls with new curtains at the windows, and framed photographs of my published book covers to prove I’m a realauthor.

I love to write science fiction, paranormal, and contemporary, romances, full of action and sexiness. I have three projects on the go at the moment, including:

The Shifting Tide – book three in my Dragonus Chronicles
Limelight Blues – the second instalment of my Movie Star Romance series
Birthright – the sequel to Wolfhaven, and book two in my Duality series

Until next time, I hope this newsletter finds you all well, happy, and surrounded by fabulous stories to read.


For three generations, an uneasy truce has existed between the shapeshifter packs of Wolfhaven and Silver Ridge. But Equinox is fast approaching; and all is about to change.

 Connell, grandson of Wolfhaven’s chief, is hungry for adventure; and eager to explore the world beyond the boundaries of where he grew up. Is this a plan set for failure? Only Lupa, Goddess of Wolves, can know; for it is she who bends destiny to her will.

 Thayer, heir apparent and Connell’s older brother, has found love with Lena – Mistress of the Moon – and daughter of Silver Ridge’s alpha. Yet, the course of true love never runs smooth. Lena is matched to another. A wolf of her father’s choosing.

 Fierce and strong, Kellan is Arden’s second and will make the perfect mate. If only Lena wished it. Silver Ridge, a world of zealotry and submission, is no place for a freethinking female. Especially not one, whose lover whispers of a world beyond her father’s reach.

Will Connell’s dreams of freedom and adventure be thwarted, as Thayer and Kellan challenge for the right to claim Lena as their own? Or will Lena resolve to put the traditions of her pack and the demands of her father over those of her own heart?

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