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  1. junctionpublishing says:

    This is a 25,000 word novella not a standard sized novel. The author recommends you read the series in order.

    With Miriam Donaldson lying dead in the morgue and both Tamara and Talia missing, there is only one person Tabitha Crockworthy can turn to if she hopes to see her sisters again.

    With no other alternative, Tabitha must swallow her pride and team up with the one person she knows can help find them. But what will that person want in return?

    Backed into a corner, Tabitha is forced to work alongside a potentially deadly foe in a race against time to reunite the Crockworthy sisters.

    How did The Dark Magic Murderer infiltrate Moonlight Manor? Will his identity be revealed? And are her sisters still alive?

    Who will fall, and who will be victorious when the secrets of Moonlight Manor are finally revealed?


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